Remember in middle school when you were working diligently at a (in your opinion) Picasso painting or when you were zooming through a scan-tron exam and then suddenly, that fateful moment occurs when your eraser head decides to just NOT exist anymore? Man, its probably the most annoying and disappointing part of being a kid. There’s nothing more irritating than being stopped “mid-Andy Warhol moment” because of a stupid eraser. Well, YUBiERASER to the rescue! This wearable eraser is seriously going to be the new SillyBandz but 10 times more useful! Check out this really cute ad and ice out your knuckles with a fashionable eraser ring that corrects and checks :)

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Check out this gorgeous beauty Grace Bol. I First spotted her in the June 2013 issue of iD Magazine. This Sudanese’s presence and flawless skin almost made me melt! Such a lovely character with plenty of accolades such as walking for notable designer collections such as Kenzo FW/ 13, Vivienne Westwood F/W 2013, and John Galliano F/W 2013. Her luminous smile and striking cheekbones make any designer brand look like a million bucks.

Grace Bol: Model Profile, Facebook,

//BE the CHANGE// “The March for Justice”- Basheer Jones


I recently saw a tweet this week from one of, in my opinion, Cleveland’s most influential men of all time for a long time, Mr. Basheer Jones. I heard this guy speak once. Just ONCE..and I immediately knew he had that spark. The same spark a lot of people are too scared to stir up within themselves. He was the moderator at the debate at Kent State University hosted by Focus on the Future Great Debate Event on Affirmative Action. A born leader. He spoke about his disappointment in our generation. I agree that we have a serious lack of motivation and sense of responsibility for our peers and the generation to come. We have to make changes in our communities that we have the ability and resources in our midst to influence positively. Basheer Jones is an alumni of Cleveland’s own and the prestigious Morehouse College. He is also an artist as well and quite frankly, it’s music my siblings can actually listen to!

At this time, he is running for city councilman of Ward 7, a poverty stricken area located in Cleveland, OH. I got an awesome opportunity to canvas for Basheer in efforts to get signatures the petition that would get him on the ballot. Now that he is successfully on the ballot, he is continuing on his vision for community and unity in general. Trayvon Martin’s case is a devastating one and should not go unchallenged. For a young black man’s life to be taken away against his will and go unchallenged is complete nonsense. We need to STAND UP and DO SOMETHING! There will be a march this Friday A March for Justice will be held 55th St & Superior in Cleveland, OH.

Be the change in the world YOU want to see.

Basheer Jones: Official Site, Twitter, LinedIn, Facebook, Soundcloud

Been a Long Time Coming…

tech style lab

I’ve neglected you. I know. Believe me..LIFE HAS JUST BEEN GETTING TOO AWESOME TO DOCUMENT IT!

Quick Summary:


From trips to ATL in Mustangs to meeting Kendrick Lamar to turning 21 to finally accepting the fact that I belong in the creative realm of individuals and wasting talents bestowed onto us by God is like a smack in his face…life has been full of PLENTY surprises. I’ve met my best friends, I’ve accepted what I love, I’ve accepted my mission and I have acknowledged my greatness.

It’s time.

Oluwatoyin Pyne

photo by Quazimottoonwax

Model of the Month: Oluwatoyin Pyne
I spotted this lovely Nigerian bred, DC brown bombshell native beauty on Quazimottoonwax‘s awesome website depicting black beauty and the glorious features and fashions of beautiful people of color and many more. I also spotted her posing for Oye Glam’s Site It’s her almond eyes will draw you initially, but her perfectly chiseled jaw line and perfectly shaped eyes and nose all together form one of the best looking models in modern day African- American models. Oluwatoyin’s features are nothing short of obvious perfection. She has done ad campaigns for Heat Free Hair, photo shoots for top African inspired brands such as Cote Minou, she’s walked the runway for designer Rudy Wolff and has achieved plenty more accolades. Take notice..this dangerously beautiful will be heating up more runways, campaigns and trailblazing for more African- American models rising to the top.

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Malikah Johnson


Fashionista of the NEW YEAR (Month): Malika Johnson
“My RICHNESS is in my CRAFT”…very humble and inspiring words from Cleveland’s own yet BK, NY bred fashion guru, style enthusiast, masterly miss of a multitude of arts. Coming from humble beginnings, Malikah thrives off of creating art and exposing it to the world in efforts to inspire, educate and uplift. Sadly, it’s A LOT of online fashion vloggers and bloggers etc. that vlog and write post and sell clothing and do clothing hauls etc etc simply for self-glorification and immediate wealth only. Not Malikah. She VALUES the word “art” and lives out the true meaning of being an artist. She’s a well-rounded young lady with her head on tight with an ample amount of flourishing skills in photography, videography, jewel design, make-up design, and a prospective clothing line she explains that she wants to launch very soon. In this awesome “You Don’t Have to be Rich to be Polished” vlog, Malikah explains a reaction to a Tumblr follower’s remarks of her assuming Malikah just HAD to be rich because of her plethora of looks and multitude of clothing. She explains that just because she may “look” nice does NOT necessarily mean she’s dropping thousands on her flawless looks. She’s an avid thrifter and knows the game well! She can find just about anything and create it into SOMETHING!…and that my friend takes skill. She also goes into her passions of not being moved by monetary wealth..more so moved through interacting through people and bettering her craft. She has brains and a whole lot of beauty..but most importantly, she has INTEGRITY and good intentions behind her brand ( Nubian Evolution ) and any artistic project she puts her hands own which is VERY IMPORTANT. Fashionistas worldwide take notes…

Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel HERE for more vlogs about fashion know-hows and topics that relate back to our generation that we deal with on a day-to-day basis. Good Stuff!

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Nubian Revolution: Official Site, Twitter, Facebook

Hey there :)


It’s been MONTHS since I’ve updated! Just know…I’ve been writing, conceptualizing, collaborating, designing and continuing my journey of mental Enlightenment.
Get Excited nevertheless! Why? :

About my “Enlightened” state of mind..as a young lady in my “tender twenties”..I have come to realize plenty of things: Live in the MOMENT. I can’t stress that any better than that honestly. Live for the intangible..live for the aspects of life that can’t be taken away from you. Staying healthy, furthering yourself mentally and constantly NOT settling and being “content” with ” so so” lifestyles. You know your dream right?..the one you always saw as “impossible”..yea..STRIVE FOR IT..because surprisingly..IT IS POSSIBLE. Accept the fact that you were SUPPOSED to be great..and nothing short of that.

See that world outside your window?…It’s your playground. Roam and learn and GROW and ACHIEVE.

Happy New Year,


Another young lady trying to “figure it all out”

Garmai :)


Fashionista of the Month: Mattie Manifesto

This chic is dripping in style and original steelo! From bomb head wraps to workout tips and makeup how-to’s…this lady knows fashion and style like the back of her hand! This lovely Liberian girl has piled up some serious accolades like being mentioned in The New York Times and being listed #8 on Essence.com’s Forty Fab Fashion Bloggers. She was also the director of Style Bloggers of Color and Atlanta Style Bloggers. Check out this cool video of her showing ways to wrap scarves and fabric…super cute :) Overall, Mattie is very inspirational for me because I am also a young African fashionista pursuing fashion. She inspires me to keep going and be the designer I want to be :)

Keep it fashionable!

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