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This marks the day of complete GREATNESS.
Thursday evening, I get word that my greatest female inspiration was FINALLY going to be touching down in Cleveland to host DJ Steph Floss’ birthday bash….I WAS ESTATIC. I literally dropped everything just to come out to the city. No one, I MEAN NO ONE understands how much I look up to Vashtie….She has done it all…and SHE’S JUST GETTING WARMED UP! From being the first female designer of Jordans, to directing music vids from some of Hip Hop’s most reverenced rappers..Vashtie has plenty of accolades.

I booked my way all the way from Kent JUST to meet her and give her a token of my clothing line…just to show how much she inspires me. Its always a good time in Cleveland so I didn’t mind the trip!

* AFRICAN FABRIC I used on the “Cleveland” tee
* The END RESULT….HAND stitched. very tedious

From jumping the line of Fortress night club, location of the party, and walking in with Cleveland pimps ( long fur jackets and gold skull canes.. ETC) I went through some obstacles to meet this chick. It was all worth it!

*My FIT for Fortress. via Guwala Da Nele. woweewawa (Borat Voice)

While in Fortress night club, I got to meet Vashtie, Elle, and Jen. All legit ladies and amazing gals and cool peeps. Vashtie was soo humble. I gave her my hand sewn “CLEVELAND” t-shirt from my line Guwala da Nele Clothing. She LOVED IT! I was honored. The party shook…and since I was “21”…at the time…I got a few “beverages” with my model chick friend, best friend, and partner and crime Shateesha who modeled in the fashion show before the after party in Fortress.

It was a great night and a night I will never forget!


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