MODEL OF THE WEEK: Salieu Jalloh

West African Representer!  He grew up in Guinea, a country in west Africa, for 13 years and has been in New York since then.  Handsome to say the least….Salieu is the eye candy of me and my counterparts!
He has beautiful features (obviously) and he has a portfolio that will blow you away! He has posed for GQ, Tommy Hillfiger, and Vogue Japan.

He first came to my attention while flipping through the channels and coming across a TV show on Centric by the name of Model City. I fell in the love with show because it showcased a group of African American models, designers, publicists etc. and their dedication and hard work they put into the fashion industry.

Salieu spoke about his story of becoming a model and how his parents were not supportive of his aspirations on being a model. I admire that about him greatly because I know how it feels to come from an African background and not have a support system behind you. In my case, I was blessed to have parents who do in fact support my aspirations as a designer! I know a hand full of my friends and family members who can not say the same.

He’s gorgeous and I wish him the best of luck!


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