Designer Garmai- Korto Matthew’s afrocentric and modern influenced clothing line that goes by the name of GUWALA DA NELE. This line includes African inspired garments to eccentric pieces. Garmai- Korto Matthew is now a 20 yr. old innovator currently on the journey to make her mark on the fashion industry in a huge way. Her fashion journey all began at a very young age. In elementary Garmai drew thumbnails and sketches of phenomenal garments she would someday pursue to create. She always had an artistic gift and was motivated to achieve her goal of being a Fashion Designer.

Garmai- Korto grew up in Cleveland, OH. Her parents are from a country in West Africa by the name of Liberia. Her family always encouraged her to embrace her culture. Through this, Garmai- Korto was inspired to create modernized traditional wear that were more fitting and fashionable than temporary tradition attire. Garmai- Korto has a deep passion for her hometown of Cleveland, OH. She has worked with several Cleveland music groups and faithfully listens to their music. She’s always familiarizing the unfamiliar with new Cleveland music and new tunes from around the globe. Stay Tuned…

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